We are proud to present a selection from some of the best, most reputable and ethical sources - each carpet is 100% handcrafted and has been individually selected for our showroom so you can enjoy a great choice of beauty and quality when furnishing your home.



1. Choose a size:
Most people are inclined to go by colours first, but size is the first step to find the perfect rug for your home. Because we carry one of a kind handcrafted rugs, we can offer a range of sizes for you to play with.

2. Choose a style/colour:
Once you found your ideal size, you can browse and pick a couple of your favourite pieces by style. #ProTip: Open your mind to new styles and colours. One of a kind handcrafted rugs can surprise you! 

3. Find the one:
Like everything in life, sometimes you know the one when you see it, and sometimes you just need to try it. For large carpets we offer home appointments for you to try and feel confident about finding the one.