A hand-made rug or carpet should be cleaned periodically to keep the abrasive dirt and grit out of the pile – this is the biggest cause of wear.  At Rugs of Petworth we offer a full rug cleaning service, thoroughly beating and wet washing deep into the pile, giving great results visually and for future longevity. 

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Rug Cleaning

We wash rugs wet, the only way to remove all the deep dirt, making sure each rug receives the appropriate treatment.

∙Dust/grit removal
∙Wet ‘Persian’ submersion wash
∙Brush to 'reset' the pile

( £60 minimum charge)


Rug Repair

Our talented restoration team can work on all aspects of your rug or carpet

∙Securing frayed fringes
∙Rebinding the sides (selvedges)
∙Re-piling holes and worn/moth-damaged areas
∙Colour-run removal

Prices on Inspection

Cleaning & Repair Enquiry

Fill out this from or call us at 01798 344027 to enquire about our cleaning & restoration services. A member of our team will be ready to help you.

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For an appraisal, please bring your rug into our showroom and we'll be happy to come back to you with some recommendations. Work typically takes 3 weeks.